Next Up

Yesterday morning I finally sent off Draft 1.5 of Not Flesh Nor Feathers to Liz. I had to. I couldn’t look at it any longer. I’ve been eyeballs-deep in the thing for the last two months – I was entirely too close to it to improve it. Time to get some distance and let someone […]


Ladies and gentlemen, hobos and tramps — cross-eyed mosquitos and bow-legged ants (as my Uncle Jack used to say): I am pleased to announce that I have achieved Raggedy-Ass Draft Zero on the third Eden book – Not Flesh Nor Feathers. Oh, it’s a sad excuse for a first draft, really; I’ve still got a […]

stubborn zombies

Still hacking away at this. Will probably – likely – maybe – I hope – actually nail down a full Draft Zero of Not Flesh Nor Feathers within the next day or two, but probably not this evening. It’s getting late in the afternoon here (around 7:30 p.m.) and I’d like to scare up some […]