now that’s more like it

Over 4000 words today, putting Not Flesh Nor Feathers at:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
37,024 / 100,000

I’ve got some errands to run now, or I’d probably keep going. Tonight, I’m going to hole up with TWOTMB. Having duly assaulted that manusript with my Editorial Love Hatchet, I must now approach it with more delicate tools – possibly my Linguistic Pick Axe of Affection and my Sweet Medium Grit File of Fine Tuning. Eventually, I’ll work my way down to the Lint Roll of Sweetness and Light, and the Polishing Shammy of Exquisite Perfection.

Or something.
You get the general idea.

4 thoughts on “now that’s more like it

  1. Hi there! Gawd, I do good to type 40 words a day – LOL

    I read Four and Twenty Blackbirds, after finding it through the Blooker Prize (which I’m hoping to win next year LOL) I enjoyed it a lot! Congratulations on the win – I hope it brings you much fame and fortune and all that stuff LOL

    I have put a link to it on my blog, under “Good Books” in the sidebar. Looking forward to reading more of your work soon.

    Hope you have a terrific day!

  2. Thanks! For the comment, and for picking up the book. FWIW, this is my secondary page – I keep a LiveJournal more regularly, over at


  3. Jon

    I love “four and twenty blackbirds”, it was so real yet so scary. I especially like the scene when she goes to summer camp and meets that girl who sees ghosts, just like her. I would like to read more about that character. On a side note, Eden is biracial, are you ? It seems to me like you have a very good handle on her POV as a biracial person, especially someone light enough to “Pass” as they say.

  4. Hi Jon – thanks, and no, I’m not biracial. Eden is based on a couple old friends of mine, though, and I’m always glad when people think I wrote her believably :)

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