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Today I got a semi-surprise attack of KICKED IN TEH UTERUS, YAY and spent half the day in a fetal position, hollering for motrin. Motrin acquired – I improved a little after lunchtime and got to work … but did not, in fact, finish Draft Zero of The Wreck of the Mary Byrd as intended. However, progress was made – as you can see:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
27,023 / 28,000

I think I’m going to need to revise that “28,000” guestimate. It’s probably going to run more like 30-32K in its first full form. Eh. With a little luck and a nother fistful of pills, I hope I can knock that out tomorrow. The closer I get to the end, the faster it goes anyway – so this is well within the realm of possibility. This makes me happy.

I’m also toying with the idea – JUST TOYING WITH THE IDEA, mind you – that it might be fun to turn Mary Byrd into the first of two or three novellas that feature my cute little werewolf-hunting Irish nun.* Maybe combine ’em all into one book someday, or something. But I don’t know; I’m pretty busy right now, and any such project would be a ways off. It’s just a fun thought to hacky-sack around inside my skull, that’s all.

But in other news, I think I have challenged the land-speed turn-around record for a short story. Though “Bad Sushi” (name to be changed, don’t worry) was gently declined by one exceptionally fine market, within about six hours it was picked up by another. Three cheers for the email! Alas, it won’t see print for awhile – not until Apex Digest‘s issue #8 (tentatively, I believe). But still – cool market, run by cool people.

Also – hey look – I got quoted in Publisher’s Weekly! I totally forgot about that little exchange with the incomparable Ms. Fox. Thanks to Scalzi, for reminding me.


*For no good reason at all [:: whistles innocently ::] a certain Dr. Meagher over at UTC is either going to be perfectly horrified or deeply amused. My money’s on “amused.”

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