a load off my mind

After exchanging a few emails with the remarkable Mr. Schafer, I agreed to pass along my early draft of The Wreck of the Mary Byrd this morning. I would have preferred to spend more time with it – cleaning it up, tweaking it madly, and making sure I love it – but he’s an understanding […]

overshot target

33,241 / 28,000(118.7%) And that’s after I already removed 2000 words last night. But at least Draft Zero is complete – and today I get to play with it. Read more about it over here. I’ve spent enough time online this morning, and rather than repost a bunch of stuff, I’ll just send you over […]

go me!

Today I got a semi-surprise attack of KICKED IN TEH UTERUS, YAY and spent half the day in a fetal position, hollering for motrin. Motrin acquired – I improved a little after lunchtime and got to work … but did not, in fact, finish Draft Zero of The Wreck of the Mary Byrd as intended. […]