Nickels and Dimes

In between all the craziness of this month, I’m still plugging away at Not Flesh Nor Feathers. It is my fervent hope that I’ll crest maybe 25,000 words on it before getting to Seattle; I think it’s going to be important to the overall feel of the thing. I need to be here to get […]

meter abuse

At the risk of abusing this little meter thingy, I am forced to say “huzzah.” It’s a half-hearted little “huzzah,” as 3000 words isn’t such a hot total for the better part of a week. I just haven’t had the time, you know? There’s always something. I might still get a bit more done on […]


I fussed a bit over on my LJ because hey – if that’s not what LJ’s for, then I just don’t know what is. Yeah. Things are a mess right now. But as I mentioned a long time ago over there, the one thing I’m not worried about is the writing. I can keep that […]