Progress report

I like this little meter thingy. I’ve set mine to be red, because it makes me think of blood filling a vial. Yum! Another thousand words on Not Flesh Nor Feathers before NCIS came on. Yeah, it’s a rerun, but I haven’t seen this one. I believe this progress calls for a shot of chocolate […]


Not Flesh Nor Feathers, book 3 of the Eden Trilogy, is officially underway. Today’s writing soundtrack consists of: The Corpse Bride score — which is quite lovely. The movie itself was a rather lazy production (for all that I found it entertaining), but with Danny Elfman on board, you know there’s going to be some […]

the cover artist jackpot

Maybe ten years ago, I was watching a Lifetime interview with Anne Rice and her family. At one point her husband, Stan, talked about reading Interview with the Vampire for the first time – and he said that as he held the manuscript in his hands, a feeling of elation washed over him. And he […]