Meme sheep, Redux

Meme customized slightly. All figures approximate. Cross posted to Heretic Spire. Novel words written: Wings to the Kingdom: 112,000 3 parts (of 5) on A Quiet Price for Ghost Orb: 33,000 Short story words written: Maybe 20,000? Notes, outline, and synopsis words written: Bloody hell, I don’t know. Blog words written: A lot. New stories […]

Queen of the internets

As the lovely and talented Mr. Scalzi has pointed out, BlogPulse has posted a Top Blog Posts of 2005 list upon which we both appear — though my nominated entries were made on my LiveJournal, and not this page. I started to write a few words on this subject over at LJ, but it felt […]

Merry Christmas

Here’s everyone at my dad’s place this year. From left to right: my dad (who set the timer on the camera, and is therefore on the outside end), Dave (my stepmother’s twin brother), Heidi (his wife), me, my brother Alex, and Donna (my stepmother) [edit: and Pete, Donna’s father, is on the end. He’s so […]