SanFran review

Huzzah! New review — which I was actually exposed to on Sunday night, but forgot to mention. Things have been pretty hectic around here. You know how it is. But at any rate, the San Francisco Chronicle gave me a bang-up write-up, which you can find here. Text reproduced as follows: Four and Twenty Blackbirds […]

Debil cat

Images from Thanksgiving at my dad’s place in Leitchfield, Kentucky: here’s my little brother, with the family cat, “Snickers.” This cat doesn’t know you, but she hates you already. There is no good reason for this, mind you. You personally have never done her any wrong. Neither has anyone else. She’s received nothing but love […]

The quickie version

So in short — between now and June I plan to: get married, move across the country, complete the editorial back-and-forth on one book, and write the entirety of another book. I feel like I need the Blues Brothers to jump in right about now with a sardonic paragraph about sunglasses, cigarettes, gasoline and Chicago. […]