I got an email from a very nice person here in ‘Nooga, and this email declares that there’s a good review of 4&20bb in the November issue of Fangoria. Naturally, the nearest place I know of whereupon I might obtain a copy is out near Hamilton Place, and I am home sick from work. I would feel quite guilty if, driven by egomaniacal curiosity, I were to drive all the way over there after declaring my intention to stay home and sulk into my soup. I’m not saying that’ll stop me, but it’s making the decision all the tougher.

I’m tired. I’m snot-filled. My ear hurts. But I have a new review out there! Eh. We’ll see how I feel after some chicken noodle and orange juice.

Here. Have a Halloweeny Spainy-picture. That’s a yawn, actually, and not a “death scream of unholy doom.” Pretty freaky though, that I let this little monster sleep next to my head every night.