Note to Self

Must not forget – radio station, Monday morning — 10:45 or so. If I forget, I shall turn my mini-musket upon myself with shame.

in sickness and in blurbs

I got an email from a very nice person here in ‘Nooga, and this email declares that there’s a good review of 4&20bb in the November issue of Fangoria. Naturally, the nearest place I know of whereupon I might obtain a copy is out near Hamilton Place, and I am home sick from work. I […]

The Hook

For Not Flesh Nor Feathers. Sometimes, it’s the very hardest part — just distilling what you want the story to look like, down to a few paragraphs. Anyway, here’s the tentative copy I’m building from: Down by the river, the first to go missing were not much missed. They were a handful of homeless men […]