Hmm …

[:: gazes around suspiciously ::] I know that the fabulous and charming Mr. Scalzi was talking about Four and Twenty Blackbirds a couple of days ago … and for awhile my numbers spiked. They finally sank back down yesterday, but now they seem to be on the rise again. They’ve hovered between 4000 and […]

Local News

Got a phone call last night from Don Welch, long-time local television personality with the ABC affiliate. He wants me to do an interview next Monday for their mid-day show, which is sure to be an absolute hoot. [:: Insert Wayne’s World wobbledy weedley-woot time shift here ::] Many years ago, back when I was […]


This was the Groves Seventh Day Adventist church, in Groves, Texas – post Katrina and Rita. I was baptized there, twenty years ago. Here. Have a few stray thoughts about the place, prompted by the hurricanes. These are some things I hadn’t considered in years: One vespers service when I was ten or eleven years […]