Pre-DragonCon excitement is most definitely underway. I spent the weekend attending to hair dye touch-ups, accessory collecting, and the like — including some quality time with a needle and thread. I have two gorgeous pendants that I’m not content to wear on chains; nay, I think they look better sitting on black velvet. So I scored some appropriate ribbon, some sew-on snaps, and my hot glue gun,* and I got down with my bad-assed self. Two new chokers, coming up.

I won’t be doing any costumery this year, for a variety of reasons. For one thing, I’m going to be quite busy — as opposed to previous events, when I’ve all but weaseled out of the schedule. But the real reason is that nothing has struck my fancy. Last year, I got together with my friends Laura and Jess … and together we gussied up as Guinevere’s back-up brigade from the King Arthur movie. Jym joined in too, but I don’t have any pictures of him in his duds at the moment. Will fix that this year.

Anyway, I think only one of us ever got around to actually seeing the film, but our costume mock-ups went over smashingly at the con. [Click the thumbnail below to see the larger image.]

Dragoncon 2004

This year, nothing looked quite so jolly do-able. I’ve got a few new clothes — including a new corset — and this will have to suffice. In case I haven’t made it quite clear yet, I am ridiculously excited. I love DragonCon. Look forward to it all year.

Speaking of which — my panel schedule (which has changed 4 times since I got my “final” schedule) can be found here, and it is correct to the best of my knowledge. I’m sure one or two things more shall change once I get to Atlanta, but that’s how it always goes. Must be flexible. And must remember to wear comfy shoes, at least during the day.

Okay. Enough squealing for now.
More to come, I’m sure … plus a whole lotta pictures.

* Glue gun to seal the ends of the ribbon; the fastener will be under my hair so no one will see it, but I don’t want the ends to come unraveled.