Yesterday afternoon I chatted back and forth with my publicist regarding my upcoming travel plans for the SEBA conference, so now it’s starting to feel like things are really coming together. Of course, this prompted late-night crazies — i.e., OMGwhatiftheylosemyluggagewhenIchangeplansandstuff, and OMGwhatifIgetlostandcan’tfindthehotel, etcetera. — but all will be well, I’m confident of it. I’m more excited about the whole thing by the day.

Of course, I’ve got DragonCon to do first, and that too will be a blast, I’m sure. I’m still getting panel technicalities nailed down between Scott (the EFF director) and Derek (goth lit director), but it looks like things are falling into place. When I have a final final schedule, I’ll post it here.

In other news, I stumbled upon a new-edition 4&20bb review by the superlative Harriet Klausner — or, as the incomparable Justine calls her, “The Michael Jordan of online book reviews.” Harriet’s website is here, where you can find her voluminous compendium of reviews alphabetized and indexed for your convenience.

An excerpt of her thoughts on 4&20bb can be found on my freshly-updated Reviews page; or you can click here to read the whole review.