Afternoon Safari

As those of you who watch my LJ know, I am prone to taking critter safaris in the afternoons. My office building is on the property of an old golf course, the grounds of which are maintained — though no one plays on it. This golf course is at the foot of Signal Mountain, Tennessee, and it’s populated by a series of creeks and ponds, surrounded by heavy woods. To say the least, it is wildlife central.

You can go here to see a photo collection from my wild animal adventures, if you so desire.

Yesterday I had some free time around lunch, so I took a particularly long safari. I more or less struck out; I saw a lot of camera-shy wildlife — including our resident great blue heron and several pond turtles — but I didn’t get many good pictures.

But I will not punish you with my failure. You deserve good animal pictures, and I will provide one for you. This one, stolen shamelessly from my friend Amanda, combines two of my favorites in one kicky animation.

Watch it. Give it a second.

Last Modified on August 12, 2005
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