Hello, and welcome to my new webpage. Pull up a chair. Get comfy. Try a bit of the bean dip.

Everything you see here was conceived by Greg Wild-Smith, designed by Greg Wild-Smith, and executed by Greg Wild-Smith, with the exception of (a). the artwork on the left, which was is adapted from my book cover, source art by John Jude Palencar, and (b). the photo over on the right. That pic was taken by Jym Annear, and it’s not my favorite portrait by far, but everyone else seems to like it, so there you go. I think I look squintily uncomfortable, as if someone just pointed a flashlight at my face and demanded that I recite my multiplication tables. In French.

But hey — Greg’s the design guy, so he got to pick. And really, the place looks great, doesn’t it? I can’t thank him enough for taking the time, trouble, effort, and energy to build me this site … as well as answer approximately one thousand whiny emails from yours truly.

[For example: Greeeeeeg,* how do I do a page thingy? Greeeeeeeg, can you swap out that set of links over there? Greeeeeeg, I can’t log in what’s going on? Greeeeeeg, I want a pony.]

And now there is this webpage. Let me get a couple points of interest out of the way immediately:

  • I will not be abandoning my livejournal.
  • I do plan to mirror some (if not all) LJ entries here, but this site will also feature some cheriepriest.com-specific content of its own.
  • Yes, you can order/preorder my book from here. Click the handy-dandy icon at the top of the page.

So please, take a moment to look around. Over to your right you’ll see a column loaded chock-full of helpful navigation links. Under “Pages” are listed some permanent items — including (but not limited to) my contact information, (at the moment quite brief) archives, and a section devoted to my creative friends and their projects. You’ll also find a page listing promotional blurbs and reviews of my writing projects. All of these will be updated regularly as new content presents itself.

Under “People” you’ll find links to a few of my online and real life friends, and you should visit them if you are bored, clicking randomly, and are looking for interesting new reading material. Very nice people, all of them.

Beneath the “Places” heading you’ll find a few random links that I will be clicking on regularly; and beneath the “Things” category (are you sensing a trend? No? Must not’ve been an English major), I’ve linked sites relevant to my writing career. I’ve either written books or freelance material for everyone posted there, short list though it is at the moment. I regret to admit that I don’t have a full bibliography put together right this second, but I’ll do that … um … when I get around to it. I promise.

At any rate, thanks for stopping by — and should you go on a mad clicking spree and find (a). broken links, (b). typos/misspellings, or (c). anything else unsavory, please tell me. I will immediately begin harassment procedures against Greg.

~Cherie Priest
Monday, Aug. 8, 2005

* Pronounced thusly, with an exaggerated southern accent: “GRAY-yug.”