Katrina, Cont.

More thoughts — that I didn’t want to tack on to this post for various reasons. It was mentioned in the comments of that particular entry that the locals shown on the news tended to be the blustery type — “Evacuation be damned! I’m going to stick it out!” It’s easy to put these people […]

Pre-Con Glee

Pre-DragonCon excitement is most definitely underway. I spent the weekend attending to hair dye touch-ups, accessory collecting, and the like — including some quality time with a needle and thread. I have two gorgeous pendants that I’m not content to wear on chains; nay, I think they look better sitting on black velvet. So I […]

New Things

To quell my mounting impatience, the mighty and powerful Liz sent me a scan of the brand spanky new Realms of Fantasy review. Since the magazine’s site hasn’t been updated with the September content yet, I can’t link you to the full text — but I’ve excerpted the beginning and added it to my reviews […]